"Lasse Osv (Osv is danish and short for "and so on") is a danish contemporary artist with roots in the urban art scene.

As a product of the 80’s he is heavily influenced by the graphical artwork he’d find in comics, videogames, skategraphics, cartoons and graffiti. 

He works with a wide range of mediums, but spray paint has always been a big part of his works.

His work has undergone different periods and has changed a bit over the years. He is always looking to try out new things in order to evolve his own style. Right now his focus is on contemporary stillleben and wierd portraits.

Lasse Osv is represented by Galleri Grisk in Århus and Galleri Art for Future in Copenhagen."


Udvalgte udstillinger

 December 2010 - Galleri Helvetikat

 Februar 2014 - Den Gule Villa, Frederiksberg

 Marts 2015 - Ros Galleri, Roskilde

 Juni 2015 - Udenrigsministeriet, København

 August 2015 - Galleri Lille Lottenborg, Hellerup

 November 2015 - Cherir Cabre, Tokyo

 Januar 2021 - Galleri Grisk, Aarhus